Metaverse Multiplex: Airtel Launches 20-Screen Platform in Virtual World Named ‘Partynite’

Bharti Airtel has become the first Indian telco major to have forayed into the metaverse world. The network provider has announced a 20-screen multiplex in a metaverse called ‘Partynite’. The name of this virtual theatre has been decided to be called ‘Xstream’ and it will have content portfolios from various over-the-top (OTT) channels. The service will be available for free trial where first episode of an OTT original or some parts of regional language films may be shown.

The launch of this service is intended to forward the Web3 adoption. A monthly subscription to Xstream will cost people Rs. 149.

“Through the metaverse, we are looking to tap into a larger audience, giving content enthusiasts an opportunity to sample Airtel’s Xstream Premium offering and, thus, aiding in driving higher adoption,” Shashwat Sharma, director of marketing at Airtel said in a statement.

A video has been uploaded on YouTube by Airtel, giving a glimpse into the virtual multiplex.

Digital avatars of people can be seen walking and shopping in the cinema complex.

Just like physical movie theatre set-ups, this metaverse multiplex is also lit in yellow lights, with floors lined with red carpets.

##India’s first multiplex in metaverse – Airtel Xstream Premium

Essence, Airtel’s integrated media agency of record, is responsible for creating the Xstream. On the other hand, the Partynite metaverse is developed by Hyderabad-based Gamitronics.

“This multiplex experience is one of the most scalable use case scenarios for the metaverse. Future opportunities here include movies, music, live events and premium sports streaming. It will also allow social engagement,” said Rajat Ojha, Founder of Partynite (Gamitronics).

The metaverse can be defined as a fully functional virtual world where people can exist, work, and socialise as avatars.

In January, investment bank giant Goldman Sachs had reportedly called the metaverse an $8 trillion (roughly Rs. 6,12,66,800 crore) opportunity.

The industry is garnering pace in India as well.

Earlier this month, automaker MG Motor said it has launched a Metaverse platform MGverse to provide an immersive experience to its customers and stakeholders through multiple arenas.

Former Twitter India head Manish Maheshwari is also working on bringing a metaverse university for students in India and other nations.

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