Samsung US Launches New Discord Server to Support Its Push Into the Metaverse

Tech giant Samsung, has announced that it is taking the next step into the Web 3 universe by launching Samsung US on Discord. This is an attempt to expand Samsung’s presence into the metaverse and Web 3 as well. This announcement follows the drop of Samsung’s Metaverse experience in Decentraland dubbed ‘Samsung 837X’. Also, Samsung Superstar Galaxy dropped on Roblox prior to this announcement. The official Samsung US Discord server activated on 7 June. It will be a virtual space utilised to make better connections with its users and build a community of creators.

“The Samsung US Discord server is specially designed as a fun, interactive way for fans, gamers, and creators to interact and get exclusive access to products, events, non-fungible tokens (NFTs), and other Web 3-based wonders,” states Samsung in a press release.

Samsung also states that the Discord server will bring consumers “new groundbreaking experiences” via Samsung’s passion for “bold innovation and its ability to push boundaries” in the real world as well as the digital one.

Early adopters of the Samsung US Discord server on the first day will be enabled “OG role access”. From 7 to 10 June, users will get daily product giveaways via random selection. The rewards will be offered in increments of 8, 3, 7, and then X.

X will provide Samsung with a chance to keep users uncertain about the firm’s next step while providing rewards for user engagement.

Samsung US users will be enabled to participate in virtual versions of events occuring at the physical Samsung 837 location along with Samsung Odyssey gaming experiences.

“Virtual communication platforms, like Discord, enable us to cultivate a community where both current Samsung enthusiasts and brand new fans can unite. As these enthusiasts anticipate an NFT drop, exclusive product giveaway or virtual event, we get to explore this new frontier alongside them, allowing us to experiment, learn and ultimately, shape our metaverse future – it’s tremendously exciting,” the Chief Marketing Officer at Samsung Electronics America, Michelle Crossan-Matos commented.​

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